November 4, 2019

I mentioned last week that I was watching a course on LinkedIn about object-oriented design. I finished my first watch through and have begun to re-watch it, this time taking notes. The first watch without any other obligations allows me to really listen to what is being taught and understand. Now on my second watch I know what was valuable to me, I just need to go through and pull it out so I can review it for myself. Of course, application is always the most important step, so I’m motivated to get into a new project that gives me the opportunity to use all of these skills the course has taught.

I’m still reading The Pragmatic Programmer. Once I’m finished with that I’ll probably move on to Clean Code. As I get better with object-oriented design/programming, I’ll continue to learn design patterns and read the Design Patterns book in addition to that. There is a course on LinkedIn that gives a good introduction to design patterns taught by the people who wrote the book Head First Design Patterns, which I sometimes see recommended over the original Design Patterns book.

So by next week I’d like to have finished taking notes on my object-oriented course, and begun work on a project. See you next week!